Preparing people
for a restart
in life

Our Services

Restart Housing provide a variety of services with the overall aim of helping residents live independently, where it is appropriate to do so, through a dedicated network of experienced staff, partners and agencies.

Direct Access Accomodation

We provide direct access and emergency supported accommodation for men and women over 18.

24/7 Support

We have staff available at all hours to support the needs of our residents, be it during the day or night. Therefore, residents will never be left unsupported.

Quality Referrals to Support Agencies

By working closely with statutory, private and voluntary sectors; we can help our residents build their self-confidence and provide them with the skills they require to function successfully within the community.

Structured Support Sessions

We provide tailor-made, weekly structured support sessions to meet the individual needs of our residents.


By employing our own in-house maintenance team, we undertake weekly inspections of all our properties to ensure they are well maintained and provide safe environments for all our residents.

On-Site Safety and Security

Where appropriate, we provide staff to ensure the safety of our residents and the overall security of the property. All of our staff members are DBS checked and are up to date with health and safety regulations.

About Restart

Retstart Housing offer a variety of housing options with a fully serviced support package, intended to meet the wide-ranging needs of our residents and to help encourage them to become fully integrated members of society who can make positive contributions to our communities.

Our aim is to support our residents by building their confidence, enable them to manage their tenancies successfully and equip them with the key skills they need to function as far as is possible to become independent adults within society. This may include support with looking for employment and developing employability skills, social skills, self-care skills, living skills, issues relating to benefits etc. safety record is assured; all of our properties are fully compliant, insured and furnished to the current housing regulations.

Referring New Residents

Restart Housing welcome referrals from organisations city-wide. We provide housing for men and women over the age of 18. Each referral is subject to a comprehensive questionnaire and risk assessment to identify and ensure that our housing will be suitable for you. Where appropriate we will also seek references from leading agencies and parties.


Restart housing gave me the restart I need with my drug habit, I’m now clean and manage my own money.

Adrian Knowles

Can’t thank the staff enough who always have gone out of their way for me.
The helped me fleeg from a violent home.


A fantastic team to work with, hardworking, caring and delivers a great service.

Birmingham Outreach

Restart housing has helped me turn my life around.
They supported me when no one else did

Mark Riley

Working with restarting housing is a pleasure!

Super fast ,clued-up and on the ball!

Ravi, WBS properties

Our Partners

At Restart Housing, we work with several partner organisations. We are always keen to understand the service offerings of new agencies, voluntary organisations and charities. As a result, we are always looking for new partner organisations which can help us to deliver the support and skills for our residents.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact us.

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